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Dreams in Flux

Two Drabbles -

Fandom : space_angels, louiselux's NaNo from 2003.
Word count : 158
Characters: Kabniel
Notes : For Challenge #2


The Romans were bloodied and angry. The old man looked at them with the sort of serene smile that archangels wore when they were telling you how it was vital for humanity that the gods be allowed to trigger another volcano. The mob snarled like a wounded animal. Kabniel reached out, hopelessly.

"Please. It's not worth it."

No one listened. Stones were pried from the ground and hurled at the old, grey-bearded man and his family. There was a savage undertone to the curses and jeering from the mob. The man began to pray at the top of his voice but the prayer was lost in the storm of rage and hate.

It was over quickly. The mob - its rage spent - broke back into normal people who turned away from the bloodied bodies, leaving Kabniel alone. He looked down at the battered pulp of human bodies and felt a single tear slid down his cheek.

Fandom : Time of the Tides
Word count : 161
Characters/pairings : Teilsorian(Sermtal), Tzadkiel.
Notes : Just a thought. =)

The innkeeper would remember it later as a dream. He has spent his life in this windy seaside town and he had thought he had seen it all. Until the travellers arrived. One man with dark, exotic skin and the other...well, the other he could never describe.

They had come in on a gust of wind as the storm outside brewed and seemed to be searching for someone. As the sun set, they decided to take a room and he was bringing them hot water when he heard the conversation.

"-but I don't want the bed!"

"I need the room to dry my wings."

"What about my wings!"

He pushed the door open and stared. The two men(?) were standing nose-to-nose. Except that they didn't look human any more. The black man was still recognisable, despite the purple wings sprouting from his shoulders. The other...looked simply demonic.

They looked at him, each other and back at him. "Uh...it's just a dream?"
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