Cygny (cygny) wrote in drabblers,

Challenge #3

Two drabbles (real drabbles since I'm not inspired to write more) for challenge 3.

Fandom : Black Hawk Down
Character : Blackburn
Notes : written for kyokoaegis. Be grateful I didn't write a Blackburn drabble for challenge 2 :)

He woke up abruptly, panting heavily and covered in sweat. He had dreamt that he was sent on a mission, his first mission to be more precise. He had felt excited and joyful to finally be able to put his training to use. But something had happened and all he had felt at that moment was fear and pain. He couldn’t say what exactly it was though. He shivered but was decided not to let a stupid dream stop him. This was his dream since he was young and he would fulfill it.

The next day, Blackburn left for Mogadishu.

Fandom : Weiss Kreuz
Character : Ken
Notes : dedicated to aramuin

Ken woke up from a scream and scrambled out of his bed, thinking they were being attacked. When he left his apartment, he couldn’t locate the source of the sound and nobody else came outside. He walked past the doors of the others and heard muffled sounds coming from Aya’s place. He tried the door and found it unlocked, which he thought wasn’t like Aya at all. He slowly went inside, prepared for any eventuality, or so he thought. He found he wasn’t ready to comfort Aya, who was having a bad dream. He sat down on the bed anyway.
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