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Taffy for #1, The Last Time for #2 and Stakeout for #3

A newbie offering one for each challenge so I'm caught up.

Fandom : Tru Calling
Characters/pairings : Tru/Davis
Warnings : het

It's strange someone so sweet tastes like salt water, like the kiss is made of that taffy you can only get down the shore. Still she does. Tru tastes salty, from running all day headless chicken style saving some poor soul from dying. We haven't spoken today, not this today, though maybe we spent today watching The Outer Limits and eating saltwater taffy in the other time-line. (A man can dream, can't he?) Then she comes in and kisses me like she's drowning.

"What was that?" I ask.

"It was you, Davis, you died," she pants and kisses me again.

Fandom : Harry Potter
Characters/pairings : Trio
Warnings : uh character death as per required by the challenge

Whenever you read about the taste of blood, it's described as sweet or coppery or salty, but it's not any of those in Harry's mouth. It's cold and dry, caked as it is round Hermione's mouth. She has no other injury to show how horribly she died, but Harry knows what she suffered, he's seen it before. It was Avada Kedavra, the killing charm, wielded by a faceless Death Eater. The anguished cry from behind him told Harry that Ron had caught him up. Ron fell to his knees beside him and the trio was together for the last time.

Fandom : Due South
Characters/pairings : Dewey, Ray K

His eyes popped open again, his hand tightening around his coffee cup. He'd almost slipped off that time. Stakeouts sucked, especially when he was alone. This time he wasn't actually alone, Dewey was here, but that was the same thing. He was staking out the Rosella Mansion sans Fraser and that sucked.

"You with me here, Ray?" Dewey asked.

"Yeah, sure I am."

"So this is a bust, right? Don 'Sella ain't coming out tonight."

"Absolutely, let's pack it in. I gotta crash."

"Yeah, you look like you already did, right through a window."

"Thanks, smart-ass."

"You are very welcome."
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