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Challenge #5

Title: Deception
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Aya/Ran, Ken
Word count: 141
Notes: For drabblers's 5th Challenge. Spoilers for the OVA

Aya has to be perfect. He is Weiss's leader and the wellbeing of his team-mates is his responsibility. Ran could make mistakes but any mistake by Aya would be fatal. He stays focused on that as he and Youji start the last act of the elaborate performance for General Powell's benefit.

He cannot falter, even at the look of real fear and loss in Ken's eyes. He has failed. He knows that there is damage here that he has overlooked. Ken hurts and will be afraid to reach out. The fight ends as it should and Aya lies in the snow, chill seeping into his bones while Ken goes into danger.

He waits for the right moment to move, mentally promising his lover that tonight, they will share a bed and the warmth of their bodies. He will not fail again.
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