december_star (december_star) wrote in drabblers,

Family above all

OK, I'm going to bring life into this community, whether you like it or not! And even if I have to do it single handedly! *pouts*

Fandom : Stargate SG1
Answer to challenge 7, What if
Title : Family above all
Word count : 100

“I can help these people!”

Teal’c looked at the man before him and for the first time in his life, he truly hesitated in what he had to do. Then he thought about his wife and son and remembered all the horrible things he had seen Apophis do to those who betrayed him. Teal’c couldn’t bear the thought of having to find out one day that his family had suffered the same fate as all those, for something Teal’c did.

“Trust me!”

But as much as he wanted to trust this stranger, he still raised his staff weapon and fired.
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