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OK, here's my entry :

Fandom : Stargate SG1 / Stargate Atlantis
What if ... SG1 had lost against the Replicators ?
Word count : 128

            McKay stared blankly at the screen while the message played again. “Earth is under the rule of the replicators from this day onwards. Your race has been extinguished, and I can assure you … We won’t stop here.”
            It seemed like Sam talking, but Rodney knew in his gut it wasn’t, just a fake. A beautiful, empty shell. Suddenly, he was the one feeling empty: he could hear everyone talking, trying to reassure each other. Perhaps their loved ones had made it somewhere safe … But that was the problem with her: she wouldn’t have run away. She would have stayed behind to save the day, she would have figured something out. Except that she didn’t.
She was gone, and this carbon copy had taken her place.

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