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Bunch of non-challenge drabbles

Well recently I've started a personal challenge of writing a drabble or ficlet everyday for 30 days. Here's my first five.

Fandom: Xenosaga
Title: Name Perks
Characters: Junior
Warnings: None

Probably the best and worst thing about be known as Gaigan Kukai's son was that everyone knew who you were. For Gaigan Kukai Jr(aka Little Master) that meant whenever he visited the business district of the Kukai foundation he was subjected to constant stares and comments. Everything from how handsome his 'father' Gaigan was, to what a horrible father Gaigan was for letting Junior run around so wild. On the plus side however the merchants were finally learning not to deny selling anything to Junior(well except alcohol, not even Gaigun's influence could bypass the liquor laws.) Which was why Junior was not grinning broadly at a store clerk ringing up a lovely pair of antique dueling pistols even as people muttered negatively behind him. As his purchased was handed over and his smile widened, Junior decided that the perks of his new name were worth all the stares.

Fandom: Xenosaga
Title: The Angel's New Clothes
Warnings: Humor, nudity

Junior didn't want to say anything as he watched chaos fight in his new 'armor.' Hell no-one wanted to say anything. Momo was too busy blushing pinker then her hair, while Ziggy tried to shield her eyes. Shion apparently couldn't decided between being embarassed or just watching. Jin, disturbingly, was outing leering and oogling at chaos. Junior heard KOS_MOS comment that his battle efficiancy had risen 83.26 percent, but that theirs had fallen 42.66 percent. Junior ran his hand through his hair, remembering a story from a big book of fairytales and decided that he wasn't going to be the one to say the emperor had no clothes.

Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Title: Disheveled
Characters: Yuusuke, Kurama
Warnings: Shounen ai

Yusuke, Kurama decided, looked best when disheveled. Much like he was now, sprawled across their bed. His arms and legs akimbo, his gark hair adorably tousled half falling into his face as he snored softly. Kurama trailed his pale fingers over Yusuke's tan chest admiring the contrast and the play of muscles underneath. Then leaning over to kiss him awake, Kurama thought as nice as Yusuke looked when disheveled, it was much more fun to put him into that state.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Title: Two Halves
Characters: Roxas, Sora
Warnings: SPoilers

"You really do make a good Other"

Sora turned to face his smiling, paler double.

"Roxas? Where? Why?" Sora stammered, looking around recognizing the clock tower from Twilight Town.

"You're dreaming," Roxas shrugged sitting on the ledge of the tower "and I wanted to talk. No offense but it can get pretty lonely inside your head."

Sora blinked trying to decide if Roxas was insulting him or not before sitting down as well. "Okay then, what did you want to talk about?"

Roxas fell silent for several minutes, staring over the horizon while Sora fidgeted anxiously.

"I hated you at first." Roxas finally said, "I hated the idea of you. The thought that my life, my memories weren't real and weren't mine."

Sora shifted uneasily, not sure of his Nobody and how to respond "And now?"

Roxas smiled, "Now I realize that I've always just been a part of you and that's how it's supposed to be. Plus I like being connected to my heart again and being able to really feel again, rather then the phantom, shadow emotions of a Nobody. It makes my memories of this place a lot nicer."

Sora smiled not wanting to trepass on the memories that belonged to Roxas alone. "I'm glad, this seems like a good place ot be a kid."

"It is," Roxas nodded "I'ld like to come back here someday."

"Yeah," Sora agreed "We will. We'll see all our friends again"

The two halves smiled watching the sunset as the dream ended.

Fandom: Digital Devil Saga
Title: untitled
Character: Cielo

"Well this is..." Cielo's mind raced to find the right word. Frustrating, annoying, irritating.


Cielo shook his head trying to understand all these new thoughts and emotions.

"I can't believe Gale had me locked in." Cielo shifted, accessing his wounds, surpressing a grimace as he came accross a bad bruise. "Eh, I've fought in worse condition than this, so what's the big deal?"

Frustration was the right word, he decided, lying on his cot with nothing to but think and wait.

"I was the one in charge, so it's my fault our security got breached and Sera was taken. So I should be out there trying to get her back."

So he laid there staring at the cieling, trying to think of some way to get out and help the others, when there was a meow and jangle of bells. Turning he saw the odd cat that had been around jump to the floor beside him.

"Hey, it's you kitty-cat. How did you get in here?"

Petting the cat behind it's ears Cielo, smiled a plan finally forming.

'Don't worry Sera, I'm coming'

That's all for now, still working on the drabble for today.
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