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Drabbles Challenges

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The whole idea of this community is to post a weekly or bi-weekly challenge, to which you can write drabbles or short fics for any fandom of choice. Strictly speaking, drabbles are 100 words long, but short fics are welcome as well. Let's just try to keep it under 500 most of the time. If more than 100 words, please post behind a cut.

Please post the title of your drabble in the subject line, and use the following to put in the entry itself, out of the cut.

Fandom :
Word count : (not obligatory)
Characters/pairings :
Warnings : (if any)
Notes : (if any)

You can post for old challenges when new ones have already been started, all I ask at that time is not only to put your title in the subject line, but also the challenge you are posting for.

Update : I decided to let people also post drabbles which aren't in response to a challenge. Please put a mention of that in your subject line or in your post. This will perhaps stimulate general drabble/short-fic writing as well ^_^

Yet another update : Recs for drabbles written in other communities or wherever are also welcome here :)

For remarks, questions, problems, contact the community maintainer, december_star.

Have fun!