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Challenges 1-3

Blanket Warning: I've been having a filthy morning, to offset this, I have written happy, sappy drabbles so beware of the sugar. (X-posted to my own journal due to database maintanence)

Challenge: 1
Fandom: louiselux's Angels in Spaaaace.
Characters: Azazel and Kabniel
Word Count: 212
Notes: Dedicated to louiselux, with my humblest apologies.

Azazel had been the one to start it really. After all, while the gods were immortal, there were only so many times one could laugh at Mars' jokes or listen to Juno's latest 'project' so their company got a little boring after a while.

Kabniel was different. There was something ....restful about the angel. He was always calm, always welcoming (if by 'always' you meant 'since he'd given up trying to avoid Azazel' and if by 'welcoming' you meant 'didn't throw the demon out unless books were in peril').

He'd found himself stopping by more and more and as time passed and they both started to relax. It wasn't long after that the teasing started. Then they discovered a shared taste in wine. It was one evening not long after this discovery that they were in the bookshop. They were both tipsy and giggling over a rather rude joke.

Kabniel had been sitting in the armchair when Azazel decided to have another drink and reached for the bottle. His balance lurched and he toppled into the chair, landing on Kabniel in a rather...impolite manner. The angel opened his mouth to protest just as Azazel lifted his head....

It was a little awkward, but that was okay. They got much better with practice.

Challenge: 2
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz.
Characters: Aya and Ken.
Word Count: 202
Notes: Dedicated to cygny, in gratitude for the lovely drabble she gave me yesterday and with my humblest apologies for any OOC and such.

Aya had always found that it was better not to think of the targets as human. If you did that, then doubts crept in. You started to wonder about things that were better left alone. Like 'How am I different?' and 'Could I have been like that?'

This mark had been bad. A family man - with a side business in the nastier form of narcotics - who they'd had to take out at home. He paused to thank a God he didn't really believe in that the man's family hadn't been there.

He'd pulled a gun and Aya's coat had a neat, round hole in it. The only reason Aya didn't have a hole in him was that Ken had sunk his steel claws into the man's neck - killing him in spurt of blood.

The young man was sitting beside him, pale and trembling. The first time he'd killed in a moment of rage - of not-thought and Aya knew there would be a price to pay in nightmares for it. His arm shifted from the back of the seat to drape over Ken's shoulder.

A promise. This time, he would be the one to ward away the demons that haunted sleep.

Challenge: 3
Fandom: Time of the Tides
Characters: Ter'naya and Kalys
Word Count: 128
Notes: Dedicated to deannawol and maeritrae, with my hope that you're both having a better day than me.

The rain pelted down, sheets of water rattling against the roof and windows as the wind moaned and howled. The last candle-end was flickering as it died and Ter'naya looked sleepily up as the window shuddered under another furious gust of wind.

The room was warm, sheltered and quiet. He shifted as the wind sent another wave of rain to batter at the window. Ter'naya shivered at the power of the storm. A warm arm wrapped around him and a warm body snuggled up against him.

He felt Kalys' sleepy purr become a yawn as his life-mate slipped back into slumber and smiled. The smile too melted into a jaw-breaking yawn as he settled back down and his life-mate curled up around him.

He slept well that night.
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