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Challenge #4

I'm not sure about it since this is my first's a little long also...well, we'll see

No matter what his Master might have done, he still looked after the gardens in Pisces.  He knew those roses where of great importance to the owners of the House, and he, Kratos, was to honour his Master, Pisces Aphrodite.   More, given than no one but another Master of Sanctuary was capable of carrying out the task as well as he was.


<>He could close his eyes and sense him a few Temples downstairs.  The tunic would be in its right place.  The sandals and the rest of the outfit would be perfect matches.   His own squire would be combing his hair by now.  Kratos knew how vain all of them seemed to be, and The Eighth Temple Master was no exception. 


The footsteps were now clear within the walls of the Sacred Temple.  Each of the flowers had been especially taken care of, since each of them had a different purpose.  He’d arranged six different bouquets for six different people.  Soon he was gone.


When Milo came to the centre of the Temple, he found the flowers neatly arranged around Pisces armour.  After smiling faintly, he picked them all up and held them in his arms, as if taking care of something precious.


Only one with benevolence in his heart would think about the souls of the ones who had gone to the Land of Hades, to reside there for the rest of time.  But only another one; one with love and understanding within, would share the load no one else had wanted for themselves.


He sighed heavily, and put a bouquet of flowers on each of the graves before him.  One for the Master of the twisted mind and kind heart. "Saga..." One for the Master who looked for justice by the means of power and lost his sanity. "Death Mask..." One for the Master who trade his life for his Goddess’. "Aioros..." One for the most faithful among them, whose heart had been confused and had known betrayal. "Shura..."  One for the Friend he had loved, as a brother. "Camus..." The final bouquet for the Master of the final Temple, was the one whose squire still took care of, even after death. "Aphrodite..."FONT>


“May you all rest in peace.”


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